Seasonic’s PowerAngel
helps you save energy and money.
[June 22, 2004, LA] Is your utility company sending you the right bill? Plug in your appliances into the PowerAngel and find the answer yourself. A jumbo LCD display counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour, just like your local utility. You can calculate electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month and even a year.

PowerAngel also help you identify power wasting appliances at home, school or workplace. Connect the energy abuse suspects into the PowerAngel and then you can determine whether it is time to get a new appliance.

Take PowerAngel with you when shopping for a new refrigerator. Its compact and light feature enables you to shop around for the most energy-efficient devices, whether it is a computer or an air conditioner. PowerAngel works for appliances which draw a maximum of 1875 watts (at up to 125 volts AC).

Is that PowerAngel all about? No, measuring appliance consumption is only one of many benefits. You can also use PowerAngel to evaluate the quality of the electrical power or check if the AC outlet is working properly by monitoring voltage (Volt) and line frequency (Hz). It is perfect for protecting voltage sensitive instruments.

•  Power Measurement Functions
 Features  Item  Explanation
V  AC Voltage The actual voltage at the AC outlet.
A  Amperes The current drawn by the device measured.
W  Watts The power consumed.
VA  VA The volt-amperes consumed.
Hz  Hertz The frequency of the AC voltage.
PF  Power Factor A measure of the device’s environmental friendliness
KWH  Kilowatt Hour Power consumption over time as measured by your utility.
Hr  Hour The total expired time.

PowerAngel helps to assess energy efficiency, forecast your electric bill, evaluate whether to change a new appliance, verify the quality of the electrical power provided by your utility company, test the working condition of outlets and choose the best new appliance. Try it now and see how much it costs you to keep your computer running all day.

•  Product Information
 Dimensions  133.6(L) x 70.0(W) x 39.6(H)
 mm / 52/8” x 24/8” x 16/8”
 Weight  130g /4.06oz
 Approvals  ETL for US and Canada
 Operation Voltage  115V 50/60 Hz
 Max. Power  1875VA
 Accuracy  2%
 Power Consumption  10W max.
 Operating Environment  temperature 0C~40C
 Max. Related Humidity  80%

Seasonic’s PowerAngel will be available on major USA retailers’ shelves by middle of July. For more information about PowerAngel, welcome to visit our website at

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