Seasonic Meets the World・s Highest Standard:
80PLUS(R) GOLD Energy Efficiency Certification

October, 2008, Taipei, Taiwan

Seasonic delivers again. Back in February 2005, Seasonic was the first manufacturer to market with the world・s first 80PLUS(R) certified PC power supply. Since then, 80PLUS(R) certified power supplies have almost become de facto component in a PC system.

Today, Seasonic is proud to be the first to announce the certification of not one but three high wattage power supplies in accordance to the coveted 80PLUS(R) GOLD standard. These power supplies are available in the most widely used ATX form factor and in wattages that are most beneficial for a PC system, 550 watts to 750 watts. The 80PLUS(R) GOLD certified models are the Seasonic 550LT, 650KM and 750KM and have at least 87%, 90% and 87% rated efficient across a load range of 20%, 50% & 100% respectively. This super high efficiency rating combined with a true power factor of greater than 0.9 and Energy Star 4.0 compliant, makes these models the ultimate eco-friendly power supplies available in the PC market today.

:Congratulations to Seasonic for the achievement of being the first to certify three power supplies for the 80PLUS(R) Gold multi-output standard. This clearly proves the strength and commitment of Seasonic to meet the challenge and deliver the highest level of eco-friendly power supplies and raise further awareness in the market for the need to conserve through design and engineering.;
-- Jason Boehike, Ecos Consulting, 80PLUS(R)--

In addition to being eco-friendly, the 80PLUS(R) GOLD standard also means the best of Seasonic・s R&D was applied to the design and topology and the best of components are used for manufacturing in our top rated production facility; all to ensure full compliance to the stringent 80PLUS(R) GOLD standard and in turn, to provide Seasonic・s customers with highest level of quality possible in PC power supplies today.

The Seasonic 80PLUS(R) GOLD power supplies deliver superior stability with the highest performance standards. Packed full with features such as DC to DC converter technology, the latest super low noise fan control circuit, unmatched power delivery for optimal cross regulation, maximum 12Vdc capability, superior dynamic response and all the necessary protection circuits, the Seasonic 550LT, 650KM and the 750KM 80PLUS(R) GOLD certified power supplies truly stand above all competition in the market today.
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80PLUS(R) is a registered trademark of Eco-Consulting.

About the 80PLUS(R) Program
The 80PLUS(R) program was designed and is administered by Ecos Consulting (, an energy efficiency firm that leverages the power of the market to accelerate sales of energy-efficient technologies. For more information about the utilities and other organizations sponsoring 80Plus, visit

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