Seasonic announces the availability of X Series-
The extreme design that delivers power and performance from inside out


[10 September 2009] The very first full modular multi-output ATX, high-wattage power supply that has ever obtained the 80PLUSR Gold certification is now available in the market. Introduced by Seasonic, this coveted power supply is named ˇ§Xˇ¨ and is initially offered in 650 and 750 watt versions to fulfill computer enthusiastsˇ¦ need for an ultimate power source. Packed with revolutionary patent pending designs such as DC to DC Converter and fanless operation mode, Seasonicˇ¦s X Series features an advanced interior layout that represents a great leap forward in the evolution of PC power supply.

Featuring a patent pending design of ˇ§DC Connector Module with Integrated VRMˇ¨, the X Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency. After a long wait, finally there is a product that delivers the complete package, ultra-high efficiency, greatly improved dynamic response, and customizable cable arrangement that is tailored to meet any individualˇ¦s needs.

As a leading provider of silent power supply, Seasonic this time around delivers a true breakthrough solution for thermal and noise management. The X Series adopts a clever ˇ§Hybrid Silent Fan Controlˇ¨ design, which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The X automatically adjusts fan mode and speed according to the ambient temperature level. This brand new design not only optimizes heat dissipation, but also prolongs lifespan of the system by reducing unnecessary fan rotation. To make the X Series even more robust and exciting, Seasonic offers Sanyo Denki San Ace PWM Silent Fan on X, the best fan there is in the industry and taking advantage of the PWM feature.

Seasonicˇ¦s attention to detail does not stop at a single component. The X Series is equipped with solid capacitors and Japanese brand 105oC capacitor for better reliability and longer product life.

Seasonic X Series features a unique fully modular design that offers integration and flexibility. The X series comes with 2 sets of 8-pin connectors for high end servers. For added convenience, 4 sets of 8/6P PCI-E connector and HDD, SATA&FDD connectors are also included to support the latest graphic cards and other application extensions.

The X Series is a crowning achievement that comes from 34 years of dedication to research and development with one goal in mind, constant pursuit of a greener and better environment. The X Series is on its way to become the ultimate power supply that completely redefines the user experience.

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