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What are the benefits of a power supply that is compliant with the latest Intel ATX12 V2.0 guideline?

1.Increased +12V power, and dual independent +12V output circuitry for safer, more reliable output to all components.
2.Reduced current capacity on +3.3V and +5V lines to match decreased demand with modern PC and ensures maximum current is available on the 12V lines.
3.Supports the BTX and IPC standard 24-pin main power connector for more flexibility
4.Support for PCI Express; all Seasonic models rated at 450+ watts will include a 6-pin PSU connector for PCI Express graphic cards.

Will an older-version power supply fitted with a + 24-pin main power adapter work as well as the new version - ATX12V2.0 power supply?

Many power supply companies tried to make a quick upgrade to the new Intel ATX12 V2.0 standard by attaching a 24-pin adapter to their existing power supplies. In the long run this is not a viable alternative to a real ATX12V v2.0 version power supply.
1.+12V line current may remain inadequate,
2.Due to the high current draw of ATX12V V2.0 hardware, such adapters can lead to voltage drops that cause power instability.

How can I tell whether a power supply is compliant with the latest Intel ATX12V v2.0 design guide?

1.The statement of ATX12V V2.0 compliance must be clearly marked on the product label, and the specifications on the label must indicate the presences of two independent +12V lines.
2.A 24-pin Main Power Connector is used.
3.The 6-pin AUX power connector has been removed
4.Efficiency is > 70% at full load; and at >60% at light load.

What are the advantages of the new design of twisted wires in the Seasonic S12 series?

1. Better EMI results
2. Reduces impedance to doubles the airflow, ensuring cool operation.
3. Easy-to-manage cables for improved airflow, thermals and cosmetics.

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